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Facility Eligibility

Facility Eligibility

The primary requirement for an institution to install TBN 2nd Chance throughout their facility is to have the technical infrastructure of a video distribution system already in place such as cable, satellite, or a master antenna.  For facilities that do not have distribution capacity, the installation of the Ku band system would accommodate single designated areas.  Each satellite installation is customized.

Common FAQs

Where should the satellite equipment be installed?

Dishes and headend equipment should be mounted in a secure area to prevent reception of unintended programming. Dishes normally are mounted on a roof facing South. Non-penetrating roof mounts are utilized to prevent damage to the roof. 

Could the satellite dish or antenna be installed inside the building?

No, the Glorystar Satellite system requires that the antenna system be installed on the outside of the structure. 

Are the installers cleared, bonded, and insured?

All installers will be required to obtain all required clearances for your facility prior to any site check or installation contract being assigned. All Glorystar technicians carry the required state licensing and bonding for the state they work in. 

What if we need maintenance or assistance with the equipment after the installation?

All equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure that the system provides years of reliable service. TBN 2nd Chance and Glorystar will work with your facility to provide a seamless integration and ongoing maintenance of these channels into your cable plant. Telephone technical support is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (PST). Service calls, if necessary, are available by appointment and are free of charge.


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