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Our Mission

Our Mission

To offer America’s inmates a second chance to make good
choices by providing positive, life-affirming television
programming 24 hours a day.

Our Story

TBN 2nd Chance started in 2007 through the vision of Dr. Paul and Jan Crouch.  At that time, TBN 2nd Chance was headquartered in our Dallas/Fort Worth, TX TV studios. Our first installation was the Louisiana State Penitentiary better known as Angola.  TBN offers cross-generational, 24/7 faith-based networks; TBN, TBN Inspire – Christ-centered teaching and worship, Enlace/Spanish speaking and Positiv TV our 24-hour movie channel.


Currently, TBN 2nd Chance is installed in roughly 1,300 facilities.

We’re Here to
Provide Help

Working in conjunction with Wardens and Chaplains of prisons, correctional facilities and re-entry centers across the country, TBN 2nd Chance will provide, faith-based television programming to facilities that requests it and qualifies at no cost.

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The Numbers are Alarming


There are already more than two million men and women incarcerated in America’s jails and prisons. When all of the people incarcerated are combined with all of those on probation or parole, the U.S. correctional population exceeds seven million people.

1 in 32

That means one in every 32 U.S. adult residents is currently under correctional supervision!

Why Should You Care?

Inmates who are released from prison only to repeat their crimes is a sad reality for some. According to the Auditor of the State of California, the current recidivism rate is an astounding 65%.  Failing to change an inmate’s mindset isn’t just a social problem, it’s a financial one as well. Depending on the type of facility, ONE prison bed costs taxpayers between $25,000 to $100,000 a year.

The real tragedy is the human toll. Every time a released prisoner commits another crime, innocent people are profoundly affected. Friends, relatives, and children of an inmate are frequently secondary victims; and for the ex-offenders themselves, freedom is often fleeting.

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Here’s what those on the front lines—prison chaplains—have to say:

“The women inmates who watch TBN frequently comment favorably on the programs and the impact it has on their lives… (TBN) is a tool in taking them to the next level—emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and ultimately preparing them for a successful re-entry into society.”

—Chaplain Lois Woodard, California Institution for Women, Corona, CA

“TBN provides a great support adjunct for the prison chaplain, helping in discipleship and teaching of the Gospel. In addition, many inmates who elect not to attend chapel services as a result of their unwillingness to incur the stigma and negative peer pressure of openly declaring their faith, watch TBN, who otherwise would not receive spiritual encouragement any other way.”

—Chaplain Charles Foster, Fremont Correctional Facility, Canon City, CO

“For the inmates in lockdown and segregated quarters who cannot attend the chapel’s open religious services, TBN serves as a lifeline and IS their church for many who watch the broadcast. You do an awesome job, TBN!”

—Chaplain Yolanda Walker, Tennessee Prison for Women, Nashville, TN

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