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Our technical staff answers your detailed questions and concerns below

TBN 2nd Chance uses digital satellite signals transmitted from a satellite located 22,300 miles above the earth to provide the channels to your facility.

Signals from the TBN studios are transmitted up to a Ku band satellite located 22,300 miles above the earth. The satellite retransmits the channels covering the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Ku band uses a small 3 or 4 foot dish to receive the satellite signals. A single receiver is then used to feed multiple channels to one central TV.  In larger facilities with multiple TVs, each satellite channel will have its own receiver, enabling all of the televisions to show all of the TBN channels that have been selected by the facility’s administration.

TBN 2nd Chance will provide all necessary equipment to integrate with your facility. A site check is usually necessary to determine how these additional channels will be integrated with your existing channel offering.

Equipment installed will vary from facility to facility based on the requirements. The standard TBN 2nd Chance commercial system normally will consist of a 4 foot satellite dish connected to four satellite receivers, four channel modulators, a launch amplifier, and a channel combiner to merge the channels with your existing television distribution plant. A re-entry home system would consist of a 3 foot dish mounted on a roof or exterior wall with a single satellite receiver selecting preprogrammed TBN channels which can be viewed in the community TV viewing room.

An installation at a re-entry home can be performed in three or four hours. Installations at correctional facilities will require advance clearances and site preparation. Once the installer has been approved to enter the facility, a one to two hour site check will determine what equipment is necessary to integrate with the existing equipment. Once the equipment is delivered to the installer, a one day installation will be scheduled to install and balance the signals with the existing channels.

If the facility has preinstalled Ku band dishes or unused MPEG-2 receivers, the installer will determine if they are appropriate for reception of the TBN channels. If so, we will work with your facility to utilize existing equipment.

Dishes and headend equipment should be mounted in a secure area to prevent reception of unintended programming. Dishes normally are mounted on a roof facing South. Non-penetrating roof mounts are utilized to prevent damage to the roof.

No, the Glorystar Satellite system requires that the antenna system be installed on the outside of the structure.

All installers will be required to obtain all required clearances for your facility prior to any site check or installation contract being assigned. All Glorystar technicians carry the required state licensing and bonding for the state they work in.

All equipment is thoroughly tested to insure that the system provides years of reliable service. TBN 2nd Chance and Glorystar will work with your facility to provide a seamless integration and ongoing maintenance of these channels into your cable plant. Telephone technical support is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (PST). Service calls, if necessary, are available by appointment and are free of charge.

Once installed, the satellite system should not require any scheduled maintenance or adjustments. Should the system require any maintenance or repair and the on-site coordinator is unable to correct the situation, TBN 2nd Chance will provide these services at no charge to the facility.

If you are currently receiving TBN’s programming at your facility and wish to add another network, please fill out the application form and submit it to TBN for consideration.  We will evaluate the feasibility based on the information you provide.