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Bringing light to dark places

Our mission is to offer America’s inmates a second chance to make good choices by providing positive, life-affirming television programming 24 hours a day.

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Concert Ministry Tours

Concert Ministry Tours

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By the Numbers

Can faith-based TV really change an inmate’s perspective?

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Chaplains cite faith for improved
re-entry and successful return of inmates to their communities.

On the Front Lines

The current recidivism (returning
to prison after being released)
rate in California.

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Donate to Pierce the Darkness

How can inmates’ lives be changed for the better?  With your powerful donation. Help us lift thousands of inmates out of darkness and despair.

Your generous donation will help us to continue to provide transformative TV programming to those behind the walls.

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Your donations help keep hope alive around the clock.

TBN Networks offer inmates a 2nd Chance to make good choices by providing positive, life-affirming programming that helps with the Rehabilitative and Reduction of Recidivism process.

TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network


America’s most-watched faith-based channel, we bring TBN to facilities across the country, where it helps inmates find a new persepctive and practice healing through the power of prayer.

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TBN Inspire brings you the best in teaching and worship today! Experience encouraging messages filled with hope and grace that will inspire your heart.

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Movies and shows with a message. Positiv feeds uplifting and powerful comedies, dramas and classics that not only make viewers feel good, but inspires them to do good as well.

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Enlace brings premier Spanish-language programming to our communities, with translations to top content, original productions from Guadalajara studios, and faith-based content from almost a dozen other countries.

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Our faith-based TV Networks have been installed in close to
1,300 U.S. sites.

There are currently three ways for inmates to receive TBN programming:

  1. TBN will donate upon qualifying, a satellite reception commercial package.
  2. Through cable distribution.
  3. Over-the-air antenna broadcasts from our larger stations.
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Make a Difference
in Your Community

Most inmates will be getting out. They will be taking care of our lawns, serving us in restaurants, repairing our cars, grooming our pets, and in other capacities.  Your generous donation will provide TBN 2nd Chance the resources to continue to provide NO COST, positive programming in institutions across the country.   

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